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The Internet is Dead. Long Live the Internet

This Week, “ICANN, the US and the Internet: China’s New Field of Dreams” On September 30th , 2016, the United States will surrender guiding influence over the internet. The US has had a long standing arrangement with ICANN, an organization formed specifically administrate the clear vision of the internet and […]

Airius Internet Solutions | Synopsys Cybersecurity Supply Chain Forum May 17, 2016

  “Managing Third Party Risk” Technology users throughout the world put reasonable steps in place to control technology risks internally. They use firewalls, anti-malware tools, content filtering, patch policies, and training. They develop internal tools following very strict guidelines, testing, and controls through the whole process. Many small companies these […]

If you’ve got nothing to hide, you’ve got nothing to fear

  “Nothing to Hide, Nothing to Fear: Defending Privacy and Private Property” In the United States and Europe, individuals are far more concerned about privacy regarding their use of public bathrooms than privacy with information transmitted over the internet. Bathroom privacy is cultural. In India and China, individuals defecate in public, […]

About Airius

Airius Internet Solutions provides professional services focused on strategic and tactical risk management. Airius developed reference implementations for Intranet in the early days of networked computing and has developed SafeView as a working and reliable repository of risk data, and a result of a decade of participation with the Security […]

The Internet: Twenty Years in Review, 1995 – 2015 (Adoption of the 2)

This Week, “Adoption of the Internet, part 2″ Built on the back of innovation and government support, a handful of distributed computers would be interconnected. Smart people had to develop communications technologies, architecture, applications and infrastructure to expand this concept into reality.    About SafeView The SafeView Research Report is intended […]