Yearly Archives: 2007

Correct your GPL License Links

Please double check your links on your site. If you make changes to your site, please keep us posted at Just enter your project in the search field. If it is there, please select to edit, if new, give us the pertinent data. Under comments, let us know that […]

More thoughts regarding invalid GPLv3 URL issue

My general thoughts, and personal opinion on the matter is as follows.I have seen several permutations of this phenomenon where the license in the distribution is different from that on the project’s web site. For example: the GPLv2 is in the downloaded distribution, and the project web site specifically states […]

Opinions on GPLv3 Adoption 1

Matt Asay always has thoughtful commentary on the market, and we found his opinion on the GPLv3 license interesting. There is also an interesting TalkBack to Matt’s blog from Giovani Spagnolo For what’s it’s worth, our research indicates that GPLv3 adoption is likely going to be tied to new releases, […]

Thanks for the feedback

We have had some excellent feedback and suggestions in the couple of days since we launched the site, thanks. A couple of quick responses. First, our reported numbers were incorrect briefly over the weekend after we modified our query. It has been fixed, sorry for the glitch. Second, several people […]