Keep Hot Miners Cool

Background Cryptocurrency mining has a large impending roadblock quickly approaching. If it is not addressed and properly dealt with, home mining will be impossible, and even commercial mining will be severely impacted. Heat is an inevitable byproduct of the use of specialized computers for the generation of cryptocurrency. A single mining […]

Airius Internet Solutions | Synopsys Cybersecurity Supply Chain Forum May 17, 2016

  “Managing Third Party Risk” Technology users throughout the world put reasonable steps in place to control technology risks internally. They use firewalls, anti-malware tools, content filtering, patch policies, and training. They develop internal tools following very strict guidelines, testing, and controls through the whole process. Many small companies these […]

Free as in Puppies

President Obama has said he is prepared to go through the budget “line by line” to cut wasteful spending, but has so far failed to give any specifics of how that would be done. President Obama reached out to Scott McNealy from Sun to deliver a white paper regarding FOSS. Scott […]