NVD.NIST.GOV: CVE vulnerability data repository

Common Vulnerability Enumeration, CVE is a registered trademark of Mitre Corporation

Common Platform Enumeration, CPE is a registered trademark of Mitre Corporation


NVD data download log

Daily CVE Repository    

Please report issues to risk_report@safeview.com.

Dropbox folder share

During the testing period, access to the repository is publicly available. Follow the link provided. Select to save to your personal folder, and the contents will synchronize six times per day.



Google folder share

   Select the link, open it, and select to add to your own drive.


SafeView collects vulnerability, threat and risk data from multiple repositories.

Our team collects the NVD vulnerability data, normalizes it, and makes it available in a validated XML, JSON or a minified JSON format.

We will be adding more repositories, Google, OneDrive and Box.net. Additionally, we will be adding search for vulnerabilities, threats, risks, zero day events and known remediation. We will have an OVAL 6.0 scanner for all major platforms, completed in order of (issues * criticality). Examples will be Windows 7, 8.x, 10, Linux, RHEL, SUSE, Mac OSX, Android, iOS.

In this BETA, add the Dropbox share to your personal folder. In it, you will find the latest NVD files, in multiple formats, updated 6 times daily. By adding this to your folder, no need to collect the new file every day. It will synchronize to your online and local Dropbox folder within minutes of it being available.